why the bluetooth headset hate

Over the past few days I’ve read not one, but two articles expressing the hate toward bluetooth headsets. And for both articles, I realized that it was misplaced hate. The authors (and commenters) actually hate the way that some people use them. That is, the whole standing around and talking to yourself thing. Fair enough, but some of us just want bluetooth headsets so we don’t have to keep buying special, vendor specific headsets, and yet also don’t want to hold the phone up to our ear for the whole hour-long conference call.

the updated irony

Since I was thwarted in my one lame attempt to get an iPhone, I ended up getting a standard-ish Nokia flip phone. This was supposed to be my “backup phone”. I’m not sure when I would have used the backup phone (when I sent my iPhone in for service? When I didn’t want to take the iPhone with me to a dangerous neighborhood?), but it didn’t seem too wasteful to have a unit to use when the primary phone wasn’t working.

the irony

Yesterday, my trusty Treo 650 decided to go crazy. OK, I think, I had it for two years, time for something new. Time for an iPhone! Alas, today is a day when the iPhone appears to be mostly out of stock. So, let me describe the particular form of crazy that my Treo has become. I first noticed it last night. I was outside, and it was raining (although not directly on me).

red sweater software lets me down

Step… Discover Black Ink. It has a 30-day trial period Try for 30 days. Like in the beginning, like at the end. Buy it. I go the the online store and pay via paypal. Wait for 3 days. See credit card charge go through. During this time, fail to check the spam traps. Wait for 4 more days. Nothing from Red Sweater Software. Send email to support@red-sweater.com asking for actual registration code.

the good and bad of dnssec so

Late last year, Mike StJohns transcribed one of his DNSSEC-related rants into Internet-Draft form (recently expired). The name of his proposal, “Signature Only DNSSEC” has been referred to as “DNSSEC SO” in shorthand. Mike’s idea was soundly rejected by the IETF working group that it was presented to, DNSEXT. I’ll outline some theories why in a bit. But, its rejection was not because it was a horrible idea. In fact, from some points of view, it is a pretty good idea.

black ink cheating

That is, if you consider looking up crossword puzzle clues on oneacross.com to be cheating. Or even if you think that looking up stuff in imdb and wikipedia is cheating. I haven’t spend a whole lot of time on crossword puzzles before, mostly because I sort of suck at them. But a few days ago, I discovered Black Ink. I never tried the previous (java-based) version, but this version is pretty good.