how to install dbdoracle on mac os x

Today, I figured out how to get DBD::Oracle to work on Mac OS X Leopard (intel). Since it isn’t (yet) entirely straightforward, I thought I’d describe the process here: Install instantclient. You will need the basic and sdk modules. I suggest also getting the sqlplus module while you are at it. I put this in /usr/local/instantclient_10_2. Modify your .bashrc (or whatever) to set ORACLE_HOME and DYLIB_LIBRARY_PATH to /usr/local/instanclient_10_2. Get DBD::Oracle from CPAN.

i has iphone

After a mere 2.5 hour wait in line, assisted by jet-lag, I have acquired the 3G iPhone. More later.

python rwhoisd

Back in 2003, as an exercise to help me learn Python, I wrote python-rwhoisd. Why an RWhois server? I had been the main developer and sole maintainer of the C reference version since 1996, and I had been thinking about writing a replacement in a nicer language ever since. So I pretty familiar with the protocol and problem space, and it was complicated enough to be able to sink your teeth into it, yet not so hard that you couldn’t do it fairly quickly.

running unbound at home

I finally got around the setting up unbound as my home resolver. I should have done this months ago, when it was in beta or before, since I had access to it. I kick myself. I feel bad. Oh well, let’s get on with it. My initial impressions: It will be nice once there are distribution packages for unbound. I spent more time that I would like (which is zero) figuring out where to put the log file, pid file, etc.

wordpress upgrade 25

I realized that I was running a now-ancient version of wordpress, so I upgraded. It was easy. Yay wordpress 2.5!