subversion subclipse mac os x and linux

I’ve been moving my small work group from CVS to Subversion. Not that we make huge demands on our CM system, but Subversion is an obvious step up. ###Server Problems My first real attempt (beyond just skimming the subversion book and installing an internal test system that I only let live for a few days) was to install version 1.0.8 on our group’s web server box, running Fedora Core 2. This was a pretty easy install as FC2 comes with an rpm for subversion 1.

what this blog is

What it isn’t is a place for me to blather on about my personal life. You aren’t going to be subjected to pictures of my cats, or tales from my last date, or rants about How I’m Feeling. (In all fairness, I don’t have any cats). It also isn’t going to be a place for me to rant on my political beliefs, although I may comment on things political. What it is is a place for me to ramble on about various thoughts that I have from time to time, and for me to rant about various technical issues that I think about (largely due to my day job).

more on wordpress markdown

Two developments. I’ve discovered that you can post to WordPress without publishing. You know, drafts, and private blog posts. Neat. While MarsEdit cannot preview using Markdown, ecto can! Not that you really need an external posting tool with WordPress. The web form is perfectly fine, although I currently don’t have spellchecking working. I’m guessing that the php installation that comes with RedHat 9.0 doesn’t have pspell support compiled in. Or I maybe doing something else wrong.

a start

A newly born babe to the world of Blogging… For no good reason, I have created a blog. To be a contrarian, I have used wordpress, not blojsom (which is already installed somewhere on this host). We shall see how it works out.

wordpress initial impressions

###Markdown After getting this blog up and running, I immediately enabled the Markdown plugin. It works! Except – it doesn’t work everywhere. For instance, not in the RSS feed or in trackbacks (apparently). Unlike how I expect blojsom does this (take your Markdown post, run it through the perl filter, and save the result as the entry), WordPress with the Markdown plugin actually saves the entry in Markdown format. Which is a good thing, really.