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subclipse redux

As I move my current project over to subversion, I’m getting a better feel for what subversion is really like to live with. I just started, so I don’t really have a solid impression yet. I do have some not-so-solid impressions, however:

  1. On the command line, I still instinctively type “cvs” instead of “svn”.
  2. When I type the right thing, the command line is nicer than CVS. The existence of svn status and svn revert is what I like so far.
  3. Subclipse isn’t really all there yet.

Now, when I said before that I got Subclipse working, I wasn’t lying. But, my main motivation for getting it to work at all was to use Eclipse’s “Synchronize with Repository” command. That feature of Subclipse, it appears, is not fully baked. When you try it, all sorts of relatively bizarre behavior manifests itself. You can still browse repositories, commit changes, modify properties, and the like, which is actually still pretty cool.

Written on Oct 27, 2004.

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