reviving the blog

It turns out that if you migrate your blog to octopress, but then fail to do anything with it for two years, it is a bit of a pain to get it working again. In the interim: Xcode on your mac has probably updated 4 times and wiped out the command line tools (e.g., the command line compiler and build environment). Making this a bit harder is that installing the command line tools changed to something entirely non-obvious in Xcode 5.

migration to octopress

I’ll admit it. I’ve been ignoring this blog for a while. Recently, over lunch, my friends started talked about their moribund blogs and the basic security threat they implied. My friend Sean said that he’d migrated to octopress based on a blog post. Given that we had all been running various versions of wordpress, it seemed like a good idea to investigate some other, less risky solution. I had sort of kept up with wordpress upgrades, but didn’t make the leap to the 3.

hosting your own git repositories

Github is all the rage, but what if you don’t want to store your code up in the sky? No, you want to host it yourself. Or, more likely, you have to host it yourself, because you work for some giant corporation who doesn’t believe in letting their coders store their stuff in the unclean world. So. What are your options? Let’s back up a little. Why do you need to host git repositories at all?

switching to cocoa emacs

… from Carbon Emacs, That is. I pretty much assume that if you aren’t already a dedicated Emacs user you will just stick with TextMate Or TextWrangler, or whatever. Anyway, did you even know that Cocoa Emacs existed? You may have heard Of Carbon Emacs or Aquamacs, but WTH is Cocoa Emacs? It turns out that with the final stable release of Emacs 23.1, it came with a Cocoa native build option.

installing dbdoracle on mac os x redux

After upgrading to Snow Leopard, I had to redo the installation of DBD::Oracle. This time I used DBD::Oracle 1.23. The good news is that the majority of my previous instructions no longer appear to be necessary: a normal build of DBD::Oracle looks ugly, but completes. However, I did discover that if you are running a 64-bit perl, which you probably are, you need to get the 64-bit Oracle instantclient release. If you build DBD::Oracle and then cannot load the module because of missing symbols (e.

wordpress upgrade 27

Posting about upgrading your incredibly common blogging software isn’t very interesting. But I’m going to take this opportunity to suggest that this time, if you are able, switch to using subversion for wordpress. Installing wordpress is pretty easy. Upgrading it is also easy, but you still have to move your plugins, themes, and wp-config.php around, or delete stuff that gets in the way. Using subversion makes all of that that go away.