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the irony

Yesterday, my trusty Treo 650 decided to go crazy. OK, I think, I had it for two years, time for something new. Time for an iPhone! Alas, today is a day when the iPhone appears to be mostly out of stock. So, let me describe the particular form of crazy that my Treo has become. I first noticed it last night. I was outside, and it was raining (although not directly on me). I look at the Treo, and it is, for some reason, trying to sync via cable. Cancel. It tries to sync again. It is in an endless loop of syncing. It is acting like it has the sync cable plugged in, and the sync button permanently pressed. After several resets to no avail, I give up and remove the battery for a few hours. Now it doesn’t try to sync all the time (although, it still tries sometimes), but it also doesn’t turn on when asked, either. I’ve tried everything up to and including the data-erasing hard reset with no change. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get an iPhone soonish. I don’t want one bad enough to get it from ebay…

Update: instead of getting an iPhone, I’ve gotten a Nokia 6102i with no contract. Nothing at all like an iPhone, but it is a credible phone. I may change my mind if I’ve got to take it overseas, though. By paying for the phone and not getting a new contract, I do still reserve the right to get an iPhone in the not-too-distant future.

Written on Jul 5, 2007.

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