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the updated irony

Since I was thwarted in my one lame attempt to get an iPhone, I ended up getting a standard-ish Nokia flip phone. This was supposed to be my “backup phone”. I’m not sure when I would have used the backup phone (when I sent my iPhone in for service? When I didn’t want to take the iPhone with me to a dangerous neighborhood?), but it didn’t seem too wasteful to have a unit to use when the primary phone wasn’t working. Of course, now that I’ve had this Nokia for a few days, I keep liking it more. It fits in my pocket. I can sync it with the Mac via bluetooth. It gets decent reception. It sounds fine. I can use a custom ringtone. (I’m not at the moment, however). It ain’t perfect, but it is working for me. I do miss the calendaring, password safe, and games from the Treo. But, I never did really use that thing to its full potential, so stepping down from the smartphone is working out fine.

Written on Jul 14, 2007.

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