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red sweater software lets me down


  1. Discover Black Ink. It has a 30-day trial period
  2. Try for 30 days. Like in the beginning, like at the end.
  3. Buy it. I go the the online store and pay via paypal.
  4. Wait for 3 days. See credit card charge go through.
  5. During this time, fail to check the spam traps.
  6. Wait for 4 more days. Nothing from Red Sweater Software.
  7. Send email to support@red-sweater.com asking for actual registration code.
  8. Wait 3 more days. Silence.
  9. Discover that somehow, searching for “red-sweater” in Mail.app doesn’t find mail in the spam folders.
  10. Eventually find 3 emails from Daniel Jalkut with your registration code.

Hmm.. The online store page says “…usually within a few minutes”. Is two weeks to wait long enough? I guess after that I’ll be reversing the charges. Or something.

Update: All fixed now. I am somewhat amazed that posting to my blog was an effective means of communication. I’m guessing this reflects more on Red Sweater Software’s customer service diligence than anything else.

Update[2]: So my friend Sean summed this whole event up as: “You posted to your blog, Daniel Jalkut read it, said ‘check your spam box, dumbass’, and now you look like an idiot.” Yep.

Written on May 1, 2007.

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