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I finally noticed that my TiVo was in the “Pending Restart” state. I restarted it, and bang! new version of the TiVo software (8.1.1-something!). And this version (among other things) fixes the sound issue that I was having with Comcast SportsNet DC. Of course, this happens exactly one day after the last thing I wanted to see on this channel was aired. Figures. Now my current issue (which I hope resolves itself) is that Verizon is in the process of moving all the channels around, and I’m currently in the state where some of the channel changes have been applied by TiVo, but not yet by Verizon. And (I think) some changes have been applied by Verizon but not yet by TiVo. The new TiVo software adds a bunch of features, the most interesting which are “TivoCast” and the “Recently Deleted” folder that now shows up. TivoCast is (I think) the broadband video download service that Tivo is rolling out. I can’t tell how to use it yet. If I ever visited tivo.com, I would have found it obvious how to use it. However, I guess I’m on the cutting edge of this software update, since Tivo Central Online doesn’t seem to realize that the S3 now supports TivoCast.

Written on Feb 19, 2007.

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