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My new toy arrived about a week ahead of schedule:

Img 0379-1

(It is the thing on the bottom. Above it is the old toy that this thing is replacing). I apologize for the horrible photo. I’ll try to get a better one when I can photograph during the day. Well, at least a less gloomy day. Anyway, I bought a Tivo Series 3 to replace my aging (6+ years old!) series 1 TiVo. Of course, my series 1 still works and I was still using it, but I became gripped by The Fear, so I’ve gone ahead and replaced it. It is probably mostly that I’ve switched from a series 1, which hasn’t had a software update in 5 years, but I love this new Tivo. I don’t have it hooked up the digital cable yet, however, so there is more exploration of this thing to do.

Update: I have at least ordered CableCards from Verizon, so I may be able to get my TiVo to realize its full potential. The cards will apparently be $2.95 per month, each.

Written on Oct 6, 2006.

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