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jabber followup

We’ve been running on jabberd2 on the new server for almost a week now. So far, so good. Folks are enjoying TLS support. Well, at least I haven’t gotten any complaints.

Some of us are excited about the new conference server (mu-conference 0.6.0), since it actually allows you to configure it, assuming that you have a client that exposes this functionality. The two that I’ve used are gajim (a python/pyGTK client) and, surprisingly, gaim.

Gajim is more reliable in this respect (although I have a hard time playing with it at home – it segfaults on my AMD64! I assume this is a pygtk problem but haven’t had time to actually investigate [Update: this is caused by a known problem with gtkspell]).

The other big win in this migration is the move the py-transports series of bridges (pyaim-t, pyicq-t and pymsn-t). These are both very easy to set up (and migrate from the previous jabberd 1.4 transports), but work quite well, too. Finally, typing notification via the AIM transport!

Further experimentation with Jive Messenger reinforces the concept that jabberd2 was the right choice. I have experienced weirdness with the conference server, and I couldn’t actually even log in using gajim. At some point, in my Copious Spare Time™, I would like to actually investigate the JM problems enough to either come up with a solid bug report or, even better, supply a fix. Working on JM seems more tractable to me than jabberd2 at this point. While I’m pretty happy with mu-conference so far, it would be better for jabberd2 to have its own native conference component, although I can understand not wanting to take on that work.

Written on Oct 1, 2005.

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