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2015-10-17 David BlackaMerge branch 'master' of git:// master
2015-05-13 Brandon MathisRemoving Rubypants (automatic smartquotes)
2015-05-13 Brandon MathisMerge pull request #1732 from PeterDaveHello/patch-1
2015-05-13 Peter Dave... Use svg instead of png to get better image quality
2015-01-15 Brandon MathisFixed improper canonical url
2015-01-14 Brandon MathisMerge pull request #1710 from KeenRivals/image-optimization
2015-01-14 KeenRivalsAdvpng optimizations
2015-01-14 KeenRivalsOptimized PNG images in the classic theme with optipng...
2015-01-13 Brandon MathisFixed repo_url detection regex
2015-01-11 Brandon MathisAdded poster="" to list of things expand urls should...
2015-01-11 Brandon Mathisrefactor videos regex to be less insane
2015-01-11 Philippe LovisFix relative URLs for video tag
2014-12-27 Parker MooreMerge pull request #1702 from ndbroadbent/fix_code
2014-12-27 Nathan BroadbentShould use << for string concatenation in Ruby
2014-12-27 Nathan BroadbentFix verbose code with a one liner
2014-12-21 Brandon MathisMerge pull request #1657 from enriquesaid/master
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