Removing Rubypants (automatic smartquotes)
[octopress.git] / .gitignore
2014-10-23 Parker MooreMerge pull request #1331 from Darkhogg/patch-1
2014-07-31 Parker MooreMerge pull request #1617 from nickhammond/patch-1
2014-07-24 Nick Hammond.gitignore Gemfile.lock per previous commit
2012-06-10 Brandon MathisMerge pull request #602 from zan5hin/powrc
2011-09-28 Brandon MathisMerge branch 'master' of
2011-09-28 Brandon Mathisadded node_modules to gitignore
2011-09-18 Frederic HembergerAligns naming of .pygments-cache, .gist-cache and ...
2011-08-02 Brandon MathisMerge pull request #64 from adamnbowen/master
2011-08-02 Adam Bowenadded source.old, sass.old to .gitignore
2011-06-27 Brandon MathisIncluded Sass files which should have been in my previo...
2011-06-24 Brandon Mathis1. Added html5 video with flash fallback.
2011-06-21 Brandon Mathisimproved rake tasks for deployment, updated .gitignore
2011-06-15 Brandon Mathis1. Added new include_code tag to allow auhtors to inser...
2011-06-11 Brandon Mathis1. Improved responsive navigation styling when email...
2011-06-11 Brandon Mathis1. Reduced dependencies and updated the gemfile
2011-06-08 Brandon MathisImproved theme install process
2011-06-08 Brandon MathisRestored untracked JS, updated gitignore, removed unnec...
2011-06-07 Brandon MathisAnother massive commit:
2011-05-30 Brandon MathisCleaned out public from repository, updated gitignore...
2011-05-15 Brandon Mathismajor refactoring, improved file watching, changed...
2011-04-18 Brandon Mathisirrisponsibly massive commit
2010-05-26 dbloeteUse Bundler for dependency management
2010-05-25 dbloeteAdded ignore rule for OS X noise and .rvmrc
2010-02-05 Ryan DaigleUpdate to rakefile to allow working on a single post...
2009-11-24 B Mathisupdated gitignore
2009-11-14 B Mathisgitignored DS_Store from
2009-11-06 B Mathismoved stylesheets
2009-10-19 B Mathisadded compass, added some basic stylesheets
2009-10-19 B Mathisimproved starting point