descriptionCaptive Validator: Java code to validate DNSSEC DNS responses with minimal context
last changeTue, 28 Jul 2015 19:38:27 +0000 (15:38 -0400)
2015-07-28 David BlackaFix issue when validating a response containing the... master
2015-04-25 David BlackaFix NullPointerException that would occur when getting...
2013-05-14 David BlackaUpgrade to dnsjava-2.1.3-vrsn-3 and increment the version.
2013-05-14 David BlackaAdd convenience methods to the main class to help with...
2010-06-25 davidbfix warnings and findbugs hints
2010-06-22 davidbincrement release version
2010-06-22 davidbhandle having no trust anchors more gracefully.
2010-06-11 davidbfix infloop when skipping queries; add debug logging
2010-06-11 davidbrename the DNSSECReconciler to DNSSECValTool
2010-06-10 davidbAdd README and VERSION; try again to shut up log4j...
2010-06-10 davidbadd error_file, count options; configure log4j so it...
2010-06-09 davidbwrap the simpleresolver.send() in a method just to...
2010-06-09 davidbnow basically works, although not tested
2010-06-09 David Blackaadd initial query string parsing code
2010-06-09 David Blackaremove redundant jars
2010-06-09 David Blackaaddress merge conflicts
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