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Another Revival

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…And another two years has past without updating the blog. Mostly this is because I’ve been having a hard time thinking of suitable topics to actually blog about, but also because I let my blogging setup fall into disarray.

A few things have changed since the last time I tried this. At the moment, I’m somewhat inspired to write this because I’ve upgraded my venerable 6 year old iMac to a fancy 5k iMac, and working on this screen is very nice.

Getting Octopress to work again was a bit easier than last time, partly because I knew some past lessons, but mostly because I’m a bit more familiar with the Ruby ecosystem.

Going back over some of the older blog posts, I have a few updates:

  • Marked 2 didn’t necessarily make me a better writer, and I don’t actually use it everyday, but I do really like the tool. The latest update has a new step that you can use to tune Marked for use either with prose or code, which is nice. The “code” tuning is largely about rendering “github flavored markdown”, which is useful for my main use case work: writing README.md files for github projects. However, I have it tuned for “prose” for writing this post.

  • In “hosting your own git repositories”, I did a little survey of local git hosting software solutions. In the meantime, my employer went ahead and bought GitHub:Enterprise (which was called GitHub::FI back when I wrote that blog post), which is quite nice if you can afford it. In the open-source self-hosting world, I think gitlab has more or less emerged as the solution of choice, but I haven’t tried it. Or rather, I tried it a long time and many many release ago, and got stuck on providing an authentication solution.

Hopefully, my next blog post won’t be two years from now.